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We appreciate your time in visiting our website.  In today's rapidly changing business environment, success demands more than good ideas, implementation is key. For an organization to breakout in its industry, it takes more than money, it takes timing.  Timing means: 
getting the right people
     establishing the right connections
     at the right time
     under the right conditions
     for the right reasons

Hawkins Strategies Group provides our clients with access to the essential resources to help make them successful in today's global economy. We are a collaborative team of experienced non-profit, education, and business leaders whose goal is to provide you a solid foundation propelling your organization to the next level.  At Hawkins Strategies Group, our only focus is on adding value for our clients.  Visit About Us for more information on the firm. 

We are passionate about the importance of an organization being relevant to its stakeholders. Since 1988, the founder has been ntimately involved with non-profit organizations, community development, and higher education.  She understands the ends and outs of running a small business and a complex, grant-funded non-profit; meeting payroll; facing accrediting organizations; sifting through the political nuances and winds of change in complex organizations.  She trained non-profit executive directors and conducted comprehensive board training.  She believes in the power of consensus decision making having seen first-hand what large groups can accomplish when they are all on the same page. 

As a B2B consulting firm, we have been assisting small to medium size organizations throughout Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.  Our services can include resource development and fund raising; interim executive management; facilitating focus groups; implementing community development efforts; writing strategic plans, feasibility studies, and outcomes assessment plans; supporting communication efforts through newsletters and websites; and training staff and board of directors to implement the vision and mission of their organization.

Our initial consultation, which has a goal of assessing your goals, is free.  Our fees are based on the initial consultation and designed to meet your needs and budget.  We provide a money-back guarantee.  Click here for a summary of our professional & educational qualifications. For a brochure on our entire group of services click here.  Please contact us for more information about how we can help your company develop to its  full potential.  We appreciate your feedback as well.